2022.11.02 [Updates]
Tokyo International Film Festival “TIFF Times” Daily is now on distribution!

This year again, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will publish the “TIFF Times” Daily during the festival period from October 24 (Sat.) to November 2 (Mon.) to deliver valuable articles and information about the festival.
Daily publications are a familiar feature at international film festivals, and this year’s edition will be the second to be published at this festival, following last year. In addition to information on daily screenings and a map of screening theaters, the “TIFF Times” also features a full range of interviews on a daily basis. Jury Grits of the films in competition, featuring newspaper reporters, film writers, and TIFF Gakusei Ouendan (Student Supporters), will also be published starting from the October 27(Day 4) issue.
Distribution locations: At theaters showing the films of the festival, also at the Ticket Center in front of JR Yurakucho Station, and Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 1F Atrium, Hibiya Step Square, Press Center, etc..
Issues are free of charge, please feel free to take an issue home with you.
Only front page articles will be published daily on the official website.
If you’d like to see information on each screenings, other articles, and the Jury Grits, check it out at the distribution locations!
“TIFF Times” PDF Download
→ 10.24 (PDF 3.50MB) 35th Tokyo International Film Festival Grand Opening!
→ 10.25 (PDF 1.87MB) Fukunaga Takeshi Talks about Mountain Woman
→ 10.26 (PDF 1.66MB) Imaizumi Rikiya Talks about by the window
→ 10.27(PDF 1.70MB) Matsunaga Daishi Talks about Egoist
→ 10.28(PDF 1.05MB) Special Contribution by Manuela Martelli: Looking Back on 1976
→ 10.29(PDF 2.38MB) Tsai Ming-liang Talks about the Past and Present
→ 10.30(PDF 1.54MB) Q&A with Houman Seyedi of World War III
→ 10.31(PDF 1.92MB) Q&A with Michale Boganim of Tel Aviv Beirut
→ 11.01(PDF 1.73MB) João Pedro Rodrigues Talks about Two New Films
→ 11.02(PDF 2.75MB)35th Tokyo International Film Festival Closing Today

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