• Opening and Closing Films
    Opening and Closing Films
    Opening Film "Fragments of the Last Will
    Closing Film"Living"
  • Competition
    TIFF’s principal section and the highlight of the film festival, Competition showcases feature films that were completed after January 2022.
  • Asian Future
    Asian Future
    This year's Asian Future motto is "From Asia to the world! From Asia to the future!"
  • Gala Selection
    Gala Selection
    The Gala Selection premieres the latest films ahead of their Japanese release. Fourteen films will be showcased this year to bring additional excitement to the festival.
  • World Focus
    World Focus
    The World Focus section presents notable works from various international film festivals and the latest films that have yet to be released in Japan.
  • Nippon Cinema Now
    Nippon Cinema Now
    Nippon Cinema Now will select from Japanese releases this past year films it deems imperative to introduce to international audiences.
  • Japanese Animation
    Japanese Animation
    This year's theme for the Japanese Animation section is "Creating the World from Scratch." In its "Creating Worlds with Animation" focus, the section will feature the most recent films in Japanese animation.
  • Youth
    The Youth section delivers opportunities for young boys and girls to experience the wonders of cinema.
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