Ticket sales page for wheelchair spaces
For those who wish to purchase a wheelchair space, please refer to the below and make your purchase from the screening of your choice in the list.

  • ・The wheelchair space is for wheelchair users, and is not equipped with a seat.
  • ・Discounts for the disabled are not applicable for the special screenings.
  • ・The numbers of wheelchair spaces available differ for each theater.
  • ・Each theater has a different guide system. For details, please refer to the " Ticket: Purchase of Wheelchair Spaces".

※This page does not reflect status of the spaces available. Please check the link for the information.

※There are no wheelchair spaces available at CINE SWITCH GINZA.
※The five films sold through advance lottery "Fragments of the Last Will", "Living", "And So I'm at a Loss", "The Banshees of Inisherin" and "KAMEN RIDER BLACK SUN" will not be available for sale on October 15.

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