2022.09.20 [Updates]
35th TIFF’s Gala Selection Unveiled; Trailer with Festival Song to Screen from Sept. 23

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will unveil this year’s trailer in theaters in Japan from September 23. In addition to the Opening film Fragment of the Last Will and the Closing film Living, the colorful trailer teases 13 films from the Gala Selection (formerly the Special Screening Section), which premieres buzzworthy titles from Japan and around the world ahead of their Japanese releases.
35th TIFF Trailer

Opening and Closing Films / Gala Selection Lineup *Ennio is not included in the trailer.
35th TIFF’s Gala Selection Unveiled
The trailer features the 35th TIFF festival song “Bonfire” by Newspeak, a Japanese rock band that has been captivating music fans everywhere with its spectacular soundscapes. The overwhelming sense of scale of the music, which transcends the boundaries of Japanese and Western music with all-English lyrics, matches the theme of this year’s TIFF Leaping Forward; and the soundscape combined with images of 35th TIFF films from around the world will fuel anticipation for this year’s festival. Newspeak’s lead vocalist Rei commented, “I think film has the power to evoke emotions and color our lives, and I believe it is the same with music. In fact, films have saved my life many times, and I often create songs inspired by films. So we are very honored to be involved in an international film festival in this way. The song ‘Bonfire,’ which became the festival song, also quotes a phrase from a film. We hope this opportunity to be chosen for the festival song for TIFF will give back to the film industry in some small way.”
Newspeak: 35th TIFF festival song performers
Formed in 2017 based in Tokyo.
Singer and composer, Rei (who used to live in Liverpool and sings in fluent English.), a drummer, Steven (who is Canadian.), and bass guitar player, Yohey started a rock band called Newspeak. It didn’t take time for people to notice their unique sound based on cross-border multi-culture.
From the first year, Newspeak appeared at large festivals such as SUMMER SONIC and co-starring with overseas bands such as The Fratellis.
Newspeak “Great Pretenders” is the theme music for NIPPON GENKI PROJECT 2021 produced by KANSAI YAMAMOTO, INC.
35th Tokyo International Film Festival
Date: October 24 (Mon.) – November 2 (Wed.), 2022
Venues: Hibiya-Yurakucho-Marunouchi-Ginza area
Organized by: Unijapan
TIFFCOM ONLINE 2022 tiffcom.jp
Date: October 25 (Tue.) – 27 (Thu.)

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